The Wilderness

Between the Red Sea and the Jordan river, in that area we call the WILDERNESS, God took a group of slaves and completely TRANSFORMED them. He took their mindsets, developed from 400 years in institutional bondage, that had given them mindsets and heart conditions and approaches to life that were not conducive to INHERITANCE. He took whiny, sinful slaves who wandered around the same mountain for forty years, and CONVERTED them into warriors who understood how to TAKE TERRITORY from their enemies. He took a group of people who had a mindset that told them they had to fight for scraps and DISCIPLED them into men and women of God who had the character and personality that enabled them to HOLD what God was trying to GIVE. He had to do this. It was intentional. The only way they could make it from the Red Sea to the PROMISED LAND was through the education and teachings that only the wilderness could provide.

God did the same with Jesus, only backwards. Jesus started at the Jordan river and was sent by the spirit of God into the wilderness. Scripture shows us that was the very first thing the Spirit compelled him to do, go into the wilderness. And there, yes he was tempted by Satan, but more importantly he was fed and ministered to by angels! I also find it fascinating that Jesus goes into the wilderness but you can see in the account that they were already in the wilderness when he was baptized in the Jordan river…so Jesus went into the WILDERNESS, WILDERNESS! (Aren’t you glad we don’t get called to that place!!)

When we are in the space between the Red Sea and the Jordan river – we have a choice. We can choose a perspective that tells us that it is dry and has eyes to see that there is no provision, no food and no water and we were probably better off in the bondage of our past where at least we had some basic comforts instead of stuck in this uncomfortable place where there seems to be nothing. Or we can elevate our perspectives and choose to come up higher and sit with God and have eyes to see the way He sees. We can choose to walk by the Spirit and see that in the wilderness we have the privilege of being free from distractions and are able to focus completely on Him. In the wilderness we have the blessing of being fed directly by God. The wilderness isn’t punishment, it is an invitation. To come higher. To go deeper. To free ourselves, of ourselves. To step into the new creation we are in Christ Jesus. To seek first the Kingdom of God. To see ourselves bare and naked. To recognize that it is only by seeing our own weaknesses that we truly become strong. To see how faithful God really is. To know who God is with such fullness and intimacy that we become INDOMITABLE. The wilderness isn’t a punishment, it is an invitation, from a God who loves you enough to not let you stay where you are at. 

So if you feel like you are in a season of wilderness, or if you feel the Lord calling you to come meet him in that dry place…let go and trust in the One who can still, and forever will, be able to command the waves and the winds and the storms of your life. Trust Him today. His promises are His promises.