Handpicked Holiness

Yesterday I couldn’t shake it. This thought that I’ve had many times before, that I’m quick to forget…but as quickly as I am to forget it – the Lord is gracious enough to bring it back to me. Our children are our disciples. That’s a game changer.

If we view our children as our disciples, and realize that our family is our most important – and FIRST – ministry…how would that change the way we organize our lives? How could that possibly change the way we view churches and youth groups? If suddenly I realize that God has given me the responsibility to disciple these little hearts…not a youth leader, youth Pastor, not a Sunday School teacher – but ME – how does that change the way I approach parenting and my kids, or my own, spirituality?

I am so thankful for a God that loves me enough to stop me from running the rat race of religion. I’m so thankful for His tender, gentle guidance that pointed to my family and my kids. I’m so thankful that I understand now that this parenting thing is about handpicked holiness…three little souls handpicked by God for me. That’s amazingly breathtaking. God handpicked these three hearts and saw fit to entrust them to me. I don’t take this lightly.

In an excerpt of her new book Mere Motherhood, Cindy Rollins says this “When you spend years and years reading aloud, especially when your life is absent from other distractions, the places and the people in books become family friends. You talk about them like you know them.”  Those words…when your life is absent from other distractions…they really speak to me. My life was anything but absent from distractions three years ago. It was full of so many things…and quite honestly now I see clearly how none of those were the best thing. None of those were my best yes. None of those were the beautiful and the lovely and the pure things my heart so desires these days. They were the busy, and the loud, and the empty. But now, now, this life I lead is free from distractions. And it is a beautiful thing. To be able to be present in the moment with my kids. To pour into their hearts. To have them pour into mine. To know one another in such an intimate way, one I’m not sure you can come to without this life absent from distractions.

A few weeks ago I was watching the way water moves and behaves. I noticed how much power there is when water is collected, funneled together. I found myself the other day standing in front of a waterfall – and again this thought came to my mind. The beauty and power of focus.

Look – if you are in a place that feels anything but distraction free, anything but focused…don’t lose heart and definitely don’t feel hopeless. Let the tension of those feelings be the force that continues to push you forward the distraction free life God has for you. Maybe it’s homeschooling your children. Maybe it’s not. Whatever it is – it’s worth the process and journey to get there. And remember to give yourself as much grace as your Heavenly Father does!

**I can’t wait to read the rest of Mere Motherhood.  Here is a link to a longer excerpt from the book Mere Motherhood.