Thy Kingdom Come 

Sometimes what God is doing in our lives seems like utter and complete nonsense. Or better yet like he isn’t doing anything.But when you feel like that remember that people thought “thy Kingdom come” would look like this

 (a physical Kingdom) when it actually ended up looking like this

their Messiah on a cross. The King they expected to rule over this glorious Kingdom broken, beaten and crucified. Messiah on a cross. Instead of a Kingdom full of gold and earthly riches, God sent a Kingdom that can ONLY be seen by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. He sent a spiritual Kingdom that can only be experienced in the Spirit. His ways are higher then our ways and we cannot figure out how he is going to do something. His riches and his inheritance are not things to be seen with your eye, but things experienced in the hearts of men and women who love the Lord! Keep hanging on and remember God kept his promise with you when he allowed his son to hang on Calvary that day! #godisapromisekeeper #hiswaysarenotourways #itdoesntmakesense #1corinthians2v14


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