So Fresh So Clean…Call it 2015


Here I am looking 2015 head on. Ready to not look back, not think back, not go back or sit back. (That’s part of a prophetic word I was given by one of the mother’s in faith the Lord has blessed me with).


And here is a real, honest look at my starting place for the year. The DIVINE in the center (being Christ) but a mess all around. But this year I will do as another great, wise woman of faith prophesied over me to do, and JUMP IN.



I’m jumping into Him. I’m letting go of fear…and self preservation…and vain imaginations (not even sure what that means yet). I’m jumping into His word. I’m jumping into my problems. Facing them head first. I’m jumping into each day seeking first the Kingdom of God. I’m jumping into MOVEMENT. Everyday. Just a little movement…because it’s amazing what just a little will do for your soul (another nugget from 2014). And while I am jumping in. I am also LETTING GO.


Forgetting those things that are behind I am pressing on towards the mark of the high call. I’m letting go of the things that kept me walking around these same mountains. I’m letting go of control. I’m letting go of self preservation (because HE holds me in the palm of His hand).


I’m letting go of all the ‘what I haven’ts’ and I’m grabbing hold to gratitude. I’m walking with Him. Talking with Him. I’m following the voice of my Shepard, of my Father.


I’m preparing for my bridegroom. I’m committing to the process. I’m trusting Him. I’m resting in Him. I’m allowing Him to lead me…wherever He wants…I’m abiding in HIM…finding refuge in HIM.


And most importantly I am focused on one word. FAITHFULNESS. Faithfulness to the ONE THING. That one thing that reminds me that even without all the rest of the abundant blessings 2014 has give me – new seasons, new women, new friends, new dwellings, a new understanding of His love, new sisters in Christ, children on fire for God, children filled with love for Him and His plans for their life – even without alllll of those abundant blessings I still have enough to praise Him for forever. Because of that one thing….


So here’s to you 2014. Like a good bag of fertilizer, you didn’t always smell great and sometimes your load was a little heavy, but what amazing things grew out of you!

With Love,


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