Here and There….

everything is scattered. everything. thoughts. words. ideas. revelation. i need a system. for like, everything. 

i need to commit. to a blog. to a schedule. to habits.

i can’t even commit to capitalization in this blog apparently.

where to start, the real question….

well. i guess the answer is really always the same. we walk away from it and as it fades into the distance and we squint our eyes we lose sight of the blurry truth we know to be true. 

and so here i am again. back at the start. 

one way. one truth. just Jesus. 

ahh, the “capital”. 

maybe that’s the way all these scattered things are. maybe i’m not lost, and maybe i’m not afraid to commit. maybe i’m just waiting for a reason worth doing so.

that is crap. there’s a million reasons. love. joy. peace. happiness. peace of mind.

to live a life worthy of the high call.

to rise up and refuse to let my children settle in the wake of bad decisions and generational influences.

to be the city on a hill. light of the world.

and there we are again, that one thing Mary knew…..Jesus. 


so that’s where i am starting. going to sit at His feet. rest in Him. await further instructions.

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